This page will not get updated as much as it should because there is a new leafs this week website in the works. Stay tuned!

Leafs This Week Episode 5 will air Saturday January 17th. It will be a special episode because we will have Bob McKenzie from TSN joining us live. We will have an exclusive interview with Pierre McGuirre in the following episode.

If you have any questions for future guests, email the questions to tml.this.week@gmail.com


Welcome to the official site for the youcastr radio show ''Leafs This Week''.

Hosted by Andrew Echevarria and Tyler Hill. Each week we will bring you up-to-date on every thing happening in LeafLand, along with a special guest whenever it is possible.

The show airs every Saturday at 3PM Est.

As we progress through the days the site will updated to keep you(our listeners) posted.

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Episoide 4 aired this Sunday at 3 pm EST. This week's episiode featured Matt Eichel for Bleacher Report and Steve Dangle from Youtube. Matt is a community leader for the Montreal Canadiens on Bleacher Report and came on to give us his thoughts on Thursday night's game against the Habs. Steve Dangle does many Leafs Video and video recaps on youtube. Steve joined us for our weekly Discussion Time segment which as always had a few heated arguements as we do many times...luckily Steve was there to break up the fight before someone got hurt. All in all, we had a few good laughs with Steve, as well as giving some serious analysis on several topics regarding the Leafs. To listen to the show click the link here


Want to check out the future Leafs This Week site?


the site isn't near done, but it shows what it will look like in the future. It is just the gamma release. There will be more pages and things in the beta release. If you want to request a song, email through the "contact us" page on the "gamma" site. 


Episode - guest

Episode 2 - Ben Winnett

Episode 4 - Matt Eichel, and Steve Dangle

Episode 5 - Bob Mckenzie- NHL on TSN Analyst  
Episode 6 - Pierre Mcguire- NHL on TSN Analyst and Colour Play-by-play annoucer



You can email us at tml.this.week@gmail.com

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